Bollywood hangama news

Bollywood hangama news

Tahira   was diagnosed  with breast  cancer in 2018  Since then .he is open about the struggle with cancer . Tahira has  posted about  her treatment

In todays  post,Tahira wrote   Today is my day  All the  best wishes to you  worldcancerdy  and hope that  everyone of us will  celebrate  this day in the  manner of embracing it  we remove any stigma or taboos associated with it. This awareness  spreads    This and we have self love, no matter what happens ..

He said,  I really embrace all the scars because they are badges of my honor  nothing is right .happiness is inherent in accepting itself  it was a hard one for me  but this picture was mine. The decision was the way I want, not the disease , but the soul with which I loved . 

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