Rani Mukherjee

Rani Rukherjee

Prominent  actors like Deepika Padukone  Anushka Sharma  Alia Bhatt  Tabu  Rani Mukherjee and Tapase  Pannu expressed their  views on the movement Deepika Aliya Anushka and Tapi were on the same  page  but the queens  ideas were different  You have to be courageous to save  yourself  she sai d Deepika said There are such women who have not been created in such a way that  they feel like  this.

The queen  replied They are the women from whom we need to  talk and tell  them that they need to change themselves  Anushka said that it is bringing responsibility for women instead of changing men. Rani said that self defense was necessary  and learning  martial arts should be  part  of a school schedule He said that  it is important for  girls to learn how to  protect themselves.

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